Since 2000, SHIVA S.A. has decided to focus its business and products development strategy on the international market.

With this end in view, the Super Premium dog and cat food line has been created and developed emphasizing the nutritional factors that distinguish Argentina from the rest of the world and complying with the strictest quality standards.

Therefore, SHIVA S.A.'s Super Premium line has been developed by experts and produced by state-of-the-art Wenger equipments (2001), through certified processes under ISO 9001 standars (2002), guaranteeing the quality and natural origin of the ingredients.

And to make the most of the advantages that technology and our top quality raw material offer, SHIVA S.A. has introduced to its variety of products BEEF flavor, whose main ingredient is fresh beef of range-fed cattle. In other words, bovine cattle naturally fed, which avoids the spread of diseases transmitted by flours of animal origin (BSE).

Moreover, as our products are labeled "Natural Food with the addition of Vitamins and Minerals", our customers have the certainty that SHIVA S.A.'s products are manufactured with organic corn, with neither soy nor cereal of transgenic origin.

These foods, like Pampa's Super Premium, are imported and successfully marketed it the U.S.A. by Foodland Trading Corporation, with premises in Miami, Florida (

Shiva products in the world

On the other hand, SHIVA S.A. develops its own packagings, customizing them according to the needs of the international market and of its clients. This allows, among other things, to optimize the costs of freight and packaging, guaranteeing at the same time the preservation and quality of the products.

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